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Lessons For Your 20s

Hey guys,

I wanted to share some great wisdom I found..

20 Lessons For Twentysomethings:

  • Your parents love you more than anyone else.
  • True friends and true love are hard to get.
  • Beauty and intelligence don’t go together, generally. Prefer intelligence.
  • Facebook and instagram likes do not determine you.
  • Your college love is inarticulated now and is more probable to be lost or fade, with time.
  • Don’t expect much from people. They will disappoint you.
  • Everything that happens, happens for reason, good perhaps. Let the things unfold themselves.
  • It is OK to be rejected. You should move on,accepting it politely. May be something better is awaiting you.
  • Failures do occur. They are not the end. Many successful personals started with failures.
  • IQ aint the only measure of intelligence. Control your feelings. Emotional intelligence, it is called.
  • Respect your rivals or competitors. They have something to teach.
  • You ain’t the only expert out here. Many are better than you.
  • If you wont do it, someone else would.
  • Patience do bear fruits.
  • Cherish that you have. You are lucky.
  • Don’t run away from quagmires. World will exist with or without you.
  • Everyone has their reservations and feelings, respect that.
  • Experience of your elders help. Their words would sound hackneyed but are wise.
  • Dialogue can sort out things.
  • Money is not everything, but make sure you have enough to talk such shit.
  • Life ain’t a race, no need to run vehemently.

    Credit to Ajinkya Dwivedi
    Thanks for letting us share this with our readers!

I aspire to make myself stronger every day. Fresh college grad with a degree in Computer Science @ NCSU.

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