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Top 5 Anti-Hangover Supplements

It’s okay to let loose every once in a while. However, none of us enjoy the effects a hangover can have on our Saturday — usually most of a day wasted in bed. In this article, I will describe some preventive strategies and emergency supplements to help mitigate the negative effects of a night out drinking.



When you drink alcohol, your body turns it into acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is byproduct of alcohol that is dangerous to our and liver and brain. To break down acetaldehyde, our body uses our natural supply of antioxidant glutathione. The amount of glutathione our bodies produce is limited. When our levels get depleted our ability to break down acetaldehyde staggers. NAC boosts our internal levels of Glutathione (see The Antioxidant Role of Glutathione and N-Acetyl-Cysteine Supplements) and allows our body to effectively process alcohol. The result? You get no headaches and/or muscle aches in the morning.

Vitamin C:

In addition to NAC, vitamin C works in a similar way that an antioxidant does. It can help protect your liver and brain from the stress that alcohol puts on the body.


This one is obvious – alcohol increases diuretic hormones in your body thus you need to drink more water.



This supplement is an incredibility powerful anti-hangover in a pill all on its own. It essentially blocks the mechanism through which alcohol causes sedative and calming effects(GABA-A also the target of benzodiazepines like Valium). The result? Alcohols effects are blocked and you feel sober. — I have taken 3 of these pills after a night of drinking and after 30 minutes felt completely normal. (A note to our readers: this does not reduce your BAC % or make it okay to drive after a night of drinking — even if you feel sober your judgment may still be impaired)

Activated Charcoal:

This works as a powered mop that will absorb any left over alcohol and prevent it from being processed from your body.  Activated Charcoal is used medically in cases of overdose to remove toxins from the GI tract to keep them from being absorbed into the body.


An essential for nausea and dizziness and cheap as hell. In Asia, ginger is used to treat stomach aches, nausea, and diarrhea. It has been backed by scientific research that shows it is effective in this regard — almost as well as some prescription medications. Take 4-6 capsules the night of or morning after if you are experiencing negative effects from drinking.


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