Start Here (Required Reading)

Welcome to MasterSelf!

If you’re here, you’re probably new to the site and my writing, so on this page I’m going to compile the most essential stuff I’ve written in an order you should read it in for ease of understanding. It will be useful to be familiar with these articles for the sake of understanding the concepts underlying my more recent writing. If you’re interested, you can purchase MasterSelf Year One in paperback or for Kindle, which covers everything from the first article on this site to The Birth of the Hero.

Let’s get to it-

The Wisdom of Solomon: You, Your Self, and Mind

Understanding and the Self

Pieces of Mind-
0.1 – Introduction to the Structure of Self
0.2 – Chaos and Order in the Self
0.3 – The Problem of Solipsism: Self and Other

Why I Don’t Talk About Politics (Or: Philosophy 101)

Sat: Truth, Reality, and the Sound of a Tree Falling

Value in the Highest: Of Truth, Will, and Love

The Values Series-
Self-Love (Like Kanye Loves Kanye)
To Choose Life: Suffering, Denial, and the Will
Truth, Ignorance, and the Veil of Maya

Integration and Dissonance: Sculpting a Coherent Self

Finding Meaning: The Purpose of Life
Passion, Purpose, and the Theme of Your Life

The Birth of the Hero: Towards a New Ideal
The New Ideal: In Search of a Perfect System

A Philosophy for Eternity: Teleology, Attractors, and the Eschaton

Will to Order: Tendency Towards Complexity

The Meaning of AION-
Part I- The Perfect Element
Part II- The Theory of Everything

The Desert of Nihilism and the Throne of God

The Origin of Consciousness: Dreamtime and the Lotus on the River

Triple Meta: Metaconsciousness, Metamind, Metanarrative

No Separation: Free Will and the Expanded Self

The Humbling River: Paradox, Dichotomy, and Zen Cows

The Memetics Series-
Introduction to Memetics: Symnoesis, Nouosis, and the Metanoetic
Memetic Identity: Gurus, Replicability, and Immortality
Memetic Engineering: Nootypes and the War for Man’s Soul
Memetic Contagion: (Mental) Health and Kids on Amphetamines
Memetic Possession: Ideology and the Weapon of Fate
Memetic Divinity: Prophets, Tribes, and the God-Meme

The Burden of Existence Series-
Existence Exists: Reuniting the Body and Mind
I: Efficiency, the First Virtue
II: The Most Important Quality

Myth and Meaning-
I: Parents, Serpents, and Innocence
II: To Kill the Demiurge Within

All Hail: The Archetype of the King and the Burden of Command

I: The Emergence of the Modern Myth
II: Bearing the Fruit of the Divine Union

Beyond the Masculine and Feminine

Fragmentation and Reconciliation: Branches in the Tree of Life

The Candlemaker’s Fallacy: Innovation, Pencils, and Metallica

The Real Talk Series-
I: Are You Failing to Communicate?
II: The Magic of Words
III: The Logos and the Sacred Word
IV: In Pursuit of the Universal Language

Nietzsche’s Demon and the Face of Eternity

Ripples in the Infinite Pond: Indra’s Net

The Allegory of the Cave: In the Pursuit of Truth

10 Brutal Truths That You Must Accept

The Chains Unseen: Lies, Ties, and Attachments

Poppies, Crabs, and Prometheus: Why We Hate The Great

Your Team Sucks: The Dangers of Tribalism (and How to Avoid Them)

Thoughts on the Thoughts of Others: Opinions, Conformity, and Individualism

Of Confidence and Arrogance

Prisms and the Refracted Self
Self Reflection: To See Through a Mirror Darkly