Save the World- Master your Self

Something is coming.
Maybe you can feel it.
It hangs in the air. It permeates every conversation. You can see it, reflected in the eyes of friends and the glances of strangers. Most people can’t tell you what it is- maybe they don’t even realize that they feel it. Regardless, it is there, just across the edge of your consciousness. It’s the word you can’t remember, the feeling you had in a dream but can’t explain.
This is no new phenomenon- it’s been building for years. Centuries, even. Some have tried to warn us. Others have even given their lives to prevent it- but none have succeeded. It is the great conflict of our generation. What comes is the most fearsome enemy that our species has ever faced-
This feeling is the realization that we will not have another chance. Technology is advancing at an unprecedented, exponential rate. The world is becoming ever more connected, for better or for worse. Failure now will spell the end of everything.
We cannot let ourselves give in to nihilism, hedonism, or relativism in the name of progress. Nor can we cling to the old ways, for the old ways are for the old kind, whose hour has long since passed.
This is our hour, final or finest.
This is our time, yours and mine.
We cannot save the world with pointed fingers. If any could be blamed, surely they are long since gone. We have none left to blame but ourselves, we who stood by while while they killed the best of us, we who watched while they took the best in us.
The soul of man can no more be regulated than it can be legislated. Those who seek to lead will only lead astray. For those who seek to follow, only ruin shall follow them.For us, we can wait for no savior.
Who would come to save us, when we cannot even save ourselves?
This truth, cold as it is, is the truth we have so long avoided. As we watched the great fall and the wicked rise, we refused to look inward. The great only fall when we refuse to catch them. The wicked rise only on our willing backs.
You must save the world- for the world is yours.
You must win the fight- for it is the only thing worth fighting for.
You must master yourself- for no one else can.
Save the World- Master your Self.