Master Your Music (Guest Post ft. FURY)

Editor’s Note:Here’s Master Your Music, a guest post from the inimitable FURY. He has a phenomenally different style of writing that I have tried to maintain the formatting of accurately here. If you like this post, check out Melodies of the Mind and The 25 Best Motivational Metal Songs for more in the same vein.

“Birthdays were the worst days, now we sip champagne when we thirst-ay.”

This is a line from BIGGIE, Notorious B.I.G, the rapper, who got shot around the peak of his fame. He is known for his laidback flow, and sexual innuendos, and epic bars.

For me, he’s just a straight up G. He narrates. He tells me a story of the underdog. Of the Comeback. Of how his comeback was bigger than his setbacks, and that when his back was against the wall, he didn’t settle.

He tells the story, of how he took his life from negative to positive.

This is what he tells us.

And his ethos lives on cos of his music, cos as long as we have electricity, we have music. So we have rap.

As I write this epic piece to follow, this song fuels my system, my inner realm.

It kickstarts this lyrical piece.


Everything – Master Thy Self – ELECTRICITY – Perpetuity – Weaponize – CRITERIA


I’ve put on my Spotify list, which I’ve carefully crafted. Bangers only. High on life songs only. No sad shit. No melancholy, no teary eyed weak ass lame bullshit. Sorry but not sorry.

I like Alanis Morissette, and Celine Dion, and tearful songs.

But I don’t love to be in the state that facilitates those songs.

I love to be in one state, and one state only:


I hear a lot of people talking about low energy, high energy. And low energy people, and high energy people. When I hear that, I think:


Unlimited energy is the name of the game.

It’s not what you do. It’s how you do it. And how you do one thing is how you do everything.

I firmly believe this.

How I do things:


Everything I have. Everything I am. I lay it all down on the line.


It doesn’t matter what it is or where I am or what damn time it is.

This is how I live. This is who I am.

I give EVERYTHING I got. I go the full measure. Always and anywhere. All day, every day.

And music helps.

Music is a catalyst.

Music makes me go BANG!

Music makes me MASTER my mind. My Self.

Wield Music, and Master Thy Self.


Music is mentality. If you wanna master thy self, you have to abso-lut-ely wield music as the tool it is. Better yet: music is a weapon.

I’m a fighter and I see everything as a fight, or a battle, in a bigger larger scheme of fights and battles.

A war, a campaign.

And music is just another tool in my belt, another weapon on my back.

Something to chop down the obstacles in my way.

Heck, I’m a Ronin. I love to find things that help me cut things down, which stand in my way. Love it.

ELECTRICITY in the Morning

My poison of choice is electric. My favorite kind of melodic mind poison is called EDM. Electric Dance Music, for the uninitiated. I picked this HABIT up, half a decade ago. Maybe four years. Don’t know, don’t care. Forgot. And I call it a habit cos that’s what it is. It’s the same as working out for me, and for some.

EDM for me is like eating.

Better yet.

EDM is like BREATHING for me. Highly intoxicating, and fueling with life.


I know a hypnotist who says that music influences the brain. One should be careful not to listen to music too much.

I am a polarizing contrarian by default.

By nature, I think. To a fault, really. To the bone, sure.

People go one way. I freaking dive to the other side.

And with Music it’s no different. I just dropped that disclaimer bout my friend and his advice cos it’s true and I like him and he speaks truths and you should really listen.


Here it comes:

The instant. The second that I wake up, I roll outta bed, off my mattress, down on the cold hard floor. I pick up my red Sony headphones, with noise cancelling functions. Those chunky ear muffler things. I click it in my phone.


I open Spotify. Swoosh.

I have a playlist ready. ALWAYS.

I tap it.

I press PLAY.




Bang bang bang bang bang!!!!!!


Only Game I play.

The song is a freakin banger, so big T.S. Elliot woulda wanted it.

For background music of just the last line of his poem The Wasteland. No whimpering shit. That’s how my world begins every day.

And guess what?

After I blast crazy ass music, the fog of sleep VANISHES.

GONE. Period. This buys me exactly enough time to go into my other habits, and general morning routine.


EDM does the following for me:

+ INSTANTLY Wakes me up in the Morning

+ Gives me INFINITE ENERGY – I can do this ‘trick’ perpetually

+ Puts me in a good mood. Always. And instantly.

+ Makes Life Fun

+ NOT Boring. I hate boring. I’d rather die than be boring.

+ Pretty sure it drops my Soy level, and raises my T. Haven’t read any science bout this tho, sadly.

+ Makes me more Creative

+ Rhythmical – This habit – plus singing and dancing and playing the guitar – makes me one musical dude

+ Literally there are NO cons. NONE. Whatsoever. No really. None.

How to Weaponize Your Favorite Music?

Now it’s your turn.

How can you wield your music in your arsenal, for your own battles, for you big ass campaigns?

Here’s how:

Find your BANGERS.

Your Weaponized Music can be anything.

It has to have the following criteria though, in my long experience, and my most humble limited insight, into the neuroscience of the effect of music, on your thinker.

The music just has to make you wanna go ape shit. That’s it.


+ High BPM

+ High Energy

+ Lyrics you understand and really feel – especially if you’re a verbal thinker (there is auditorily, visual, and feeling)

+ Lyrics you can repeat – MANTRA-ize. Say over and over again, till it takes effect. Manifests.

+ POWER Lyrics. See intro.

+ Song has to be Special. Has to have some sort of special deeper significance that usually only you know.

The song they played at your Dad’s Funeral. The day you become your own man. Song played in the bar your wife left you for another. The one played when your daughter was born. Or when you met true love, for the very first time.

You get my drift. Something potent. HIGHLY special, and for lack of better term – again: INTOXICATING.

Music is life. Make it special.

+ This Following Criteria can be used instead of the others. And is kinda a summation of all of them:

The songs must be songs you would NEVER ever ever get sick of.

You know exactly what I mean. Despacito, for me, for pop reggaeton lovers. Justin Bieber, for little girls and lame dudes. Some Martin Garrix songs, for me again. Trivium, for Libera Rex. Slayer, I think. Or Metallica, or ACDC, or Led Zeppelin.



Or Meek Mills, for @paulmdomenick.

Everyone has their own special song, and can use it as a tool, in their daily life, to utilize against the daily grind, and fatigue, and annoying little things, and stress, and grief, and sadness, and just general all-purpose shit.

Use Music. Wield it like a weapon.

And when you master this weapon, you will master your mind, and master your day.

And when you master your days, you will master your weeks, and months, and years, and life.

When you do that, you will know, that it all began with this post.




Garrett Dailey

Garrett Dailey is a formerly homeless D.I.Y. philosopher who believes that one cannot understand the universe without first understanding themselves. To that end, he has committed to a lifelong journey to become the best version of himself, and in the process, create a community for others who wish to do the same. May we all be led from ignorance to the truth. Pros aion Aletheia aionios.

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