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Safely and Effectively beginning your Nootropics Journey

Nootropics: A beginning..

I remember the first day I stumbled across what would soon turn into a passion… I had been experimenting with supplements like creatine and l-citruline to give me a competitive edge at the gym.

After getting involved with this community online –  I realized that there existed another category of supplements that could help advance not just my body but my mind.

Enter the world of Nootropics. A concept that was hyped up to the likes of the movie “Limitless”, I knew that I may find something that could help me concur my mind and develop to my highest potential.

-Rolling Stone Magazine


Jump 6 years into the future and there is much I have learned; both positive and negative.

I want to share some of the most important concepts I have learned with those of you that are interested in undertaking the same journey.

Hopefully this will help you avoid the mistakes I have made in the past and help you reach your goals more effectively.

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My Top 5 Tips

  1. Placebo is an amazing thing

    Track your progress!
    When trying a new supplement it is important to have an objective sense of how well it is working for its intended purpose and measuring any noticeable negative effects it may be causing.  Do not assume that these will be obvious at all. For example I have had friends that started taking anti-depressants and were completely unaware of any shift in their mood when it was obvious to me as an outside observer. The best way to objectively track how your doing it by starting a journal. Find some specific markers you want to track (it could be fatigue, focus etc.) and write down a number from 1-10. Perhaps write a paragraph or so about how your day went and specifically what supplements you are taking. This information with be critical when you look back to judge how well a supplement is working for you.

    Download our Tracking Worksheet here

  2. Slow and steady wins the race

    Stop stacking things together (Especially without tracking your progress)
    Something I didn’t understand when I was new to the bio-hacking game is just how complex our bodies are. It is truly incredible how little be know and how much we are now discovering as time passes. With this in mind I would constrain your experimentation with supplements to just a few at one time. There are numinous classic interactions that can happen even when taking supplements(Taking MAIO inhibitors with stimulants, taking re-uptake inhibitors with releasing agents etc) and even more downstream interactions we may not be aware of. This means that sometimes adding things together may mitigate the positive effects or worse create a negative effect. No need to worry about these issues if you prevent them from happening in the first place.

  3. Research… Research… Research…

    It is very important to know exactly what you are putting into your body. Learn the in’s and outs of exactly the substance you are taking including mechanism of action(how does it work?, are there interactions with other substances or medications I’m taking), previous studies(how much research does this have behind it?, how safe is it?) and last read ancitdoes from others who have used the same thing so you know what to be expecting. For starters I would navigate over to the Reddit Nootropics Board and search for whatever you are considering using. For those more apt at combing though scientific research has brief high level overviews of what research says on various supplements.

  4. Trust your source

    You want to be sure of what your ingesting.
    Expectantly with synthetic chemicals be sure what you are using is of good quality and pure. Most products on amazon should be good as long as they are ranked well, other good sources of nootropics included and Google companies you are planning on buying from and do research on any negative reviews.

  5. Supplements aren’t the end all be all

    Invest your time in improving lifestyle and diet.
    Sometimes nootropics can seem like a silver bullet but in addition to using these– supplement your environment with things that are proven to improve your mind: exercise, meditation, a good network of friends and new experiences to grow your mind.


I aspire to make myself stronger every day. Fresh college grad with a degree in Computer Science @ NCSU.

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