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Cold Showers for “The Gainz?” More Testosterone, Less Soreness!

Hey Guys, I wanted to do a quick post on the benefits I have been experiencing with cold showers expectantly in relation to health and fitness.

I first heard about cold showers on Reddit and proceeded to learn about the Wim-Hof technique. Wim Hof is the worlds “Ice man“. He has multiple world records for his ability to withstand extreme cold for long periods of time, he is one of the leading “experts” in the field and is baffling scientists.

Here is the guide he gives out for free.

After beginning to practice his method I began to notice some very real benefits to my body. First off — the energy. When you expose your body to cold temperatures that you are not adapted to you get an insane surge of adrenaline coursing though your blood. This was a great way for me to wake up in mornings.

Secondly I noticed that I had noticeably less fatigue and soreness the next day. This is due to cold exposure being an excellent anti-inflammatory which decreases the bodies fatigue and soreness inducing chemicals TNF-α, IL-6, and IL-8. We have even found cold compression therapy provides more pain relief than popular, alternative interventions. There are quite a few studies that show cold immersion helps protect your bodies/muscles ability to keep working out even after they are damaged from exercise and that they help boost testosterone.

For those considering this method while working out the most important guideline you follow is occasional, spaced out cold shower sessions as Using Ice / Cold Water Immersion After Workouts Will Impair Muscle and Strength Gains, as well as Vascular Adaptations.

Do cold showers spaced away from workouts, optimally the next day before your workout so you can get all the benefits of your bodies inflammation response.

Some inflammation or soreness is good for you.

That’s it guys, feel free to comment and I’ll do my best to answer.


I aspire to make myself stronger every day. Fresh college grad with a degree in Computer Science @ NCSU.

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