Tiger’s 500: Art as a Stabilizer in a Young Creative’s Life (Guest Post ft. Tiger)

Editor’s Note: Today we have a guest post from Tiger (@TYGRproductions) on the nature of art and creativity in the lives of young people. Enjoy!

When one thinks of art, one also connects it with chaos. Disordered expression. A flurry of passion and a disregard for the constraints of the ‘real’ world.

And for the most part, that is a valid interpretation.

But, to the plastic mind of a constantly growing young creative, the chaotic force of art can actually bring a stabilizing sense of order and harmony in life.

How so?

Well, a young artist with limited resources and a sputtering will to create will sometimes not produce any works of note for an extended period of time, out of laziness or being “busy”. And when you are not creating, your mind fills with ideas. Some of these can be shuttered away, but most will stay floating in the whirlpool of the psyche until you decide to bring them forth into the world.

When you can’t express those ideas stuck in the endless spinning pool of the mind, you regress. Focusing on the mundane but necessary aspects of life gets ever harder, other aspects of your life suffer including relationships and health. 

In this state, a comfortable yet downward path for a youth emerges. In this state, you are more likely to turn to pleasure seeking than sit in a dimly lit room planning your next work. 

These spurts of hedonism only act as an escapist performance to the truth: Artists are not wired like normal people. 

Most are perfectly satisfied with having their basic needs met. But in the mind of an artist, there is a transcendent need to create works that carry an intrinsic value to them, and hopefully, others. It goes beyond temporal needs, and ignoring that fact is rather suicidal.

The antidote to this problem is simple: create consistently. Consistency is the bedrock to sound psychological health. Do something for a long while and it becomes a part of your ever growing character. By setting a boundary with yourself that it must be done every day, you paradoxically free up your creative ability to roam and soar during the allotted window.

But, keeping a clear boundary requires a willpower to many artists lack. The “Get After It” mentality is foreign; Jocko Willink wouldn’t be proud. If you cannot muster up the fortitude to peck at creative work daily, then you must start by channelling that routine centric energy into other aspects of your life. Smaller routes such has going to the gym, meditating, keeping your living space clean and having set family outings can help familiarize yourself with the process of doing things daily.

A professor once said to me that creativity is like a small child in our minds. If you don’t parent it properly, it will draw on the walls, piss on the floor and never hold responsibility, which in turn leaves you stressed at your lack of control. You need to be a figure of authority, and set boundaries for it.

The cosmic consciousness of the world constantly injects a flurry of actionable, beautiful, and impossibly challenging, world changing ideas into our mind.

99% of those will not be recognized at all.

.99% will be recognized.

.01% will be acted on.

Be the .01%, or be lost in the ebb and flow of your infinite psyche.

Garrett Dailey

Garrett Dailey is a formerly homeless D.I.Y. philosopher who believes that one cannot understand the universe without first understanding themselves. To that end, he has committed to a lifelong journey to become the best version of himself, and in the process, create a community for others who wish to do the same. May we all be led from ignorance to the truth. Pros aion Aletheia aionios.

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