About Us

Garrett Dailey is a formerly homeless D.I.Y. philosopher who believes that one cannot understand the universe without first understanding themselves. To that end, he has committed to a lifelong journey to become the best version of himself, and in the process, create a community for others who wish to do the same.

May we all be led from ignorance to the Truth. Pros aion Aletheia aionios.

Arda Cole is a NCSU Computer Science grad who likes to dip his head into almost any area of science and understanding. Currently the state record holder for powerlifting in the 198lbs weight class, he has spent years refining his fitness methods and researching “the secrets doctors don’t want you to know”. Other areas of interest include photography, nootropics, freerunning, meditation, neurology and long walks on the beach.

Tia Jones is passionate, insightful and sarcastic. She is a temporarily settled gypsy who is determined to master herself so she can help improve the world. She is an amateur writer and photographer, an animal lover and a coffee addict. She is hoping to bring her adventures, plights, insights and ideas to others to hopefully inspire them to try and start living their lives as their MasterSelves.

Juan Carlos Andrade does NOT believe in bios. He believes that one cannot at any given moment completely define themselves. The true meaning of someone’s life is not complete until their existence itself is complete. Therefore, what is a bio but a description of a single moment in one’s life span; construed by defining moments that we consider self-gratifying. We are constantly evolving our values, our beliefs, our goals and our dreams into a consortium of what society tells us, what our loved ones expect from us, and what our souls desire. This is why Juan Carlos joined MasterSelf. Because he understands that life is but a process of self-realization and self-discovery. And what better way to give back to this beautiful tapestry that is life, encompassing all spectrums of emotions, then to stand hand by hand with others on their quest for self-discovery, enlightenment and self-fulfillment. Otherwise, Juan Carlos Andrade is an Account Executive at Univision Communication, Inc focusing. on business marketing and advertisements.

William Wilson is a twenty year old writer, athlete, and business owner from Reno, Nevada. He co-owns a company, Lif3, with his room-mate Jacob Bray, and works together with him to fulfill shirt orders with the long term goal of becoming a BMX brand. He strives to learn something new every day, and is a believer in science and environmentalism.

“The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.”
– John F. Kennedy